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"Since 2014, Al Mizan Industrial Solutions has been in the calibration business with qualified engineers, serving customers across the QATAR and Saudi Arabia,Oman,Bahrain,Kuwait,etc We maintain the service vehicles for onsite-calibration . Our facility provides a quality environment where we offer a vast array of calibration services. Established as one of the largest, single source calibration facility in the QATAR, our commitment to quality has earned us one of the largest ISO 17025 scopes of accreditation in the nation and we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of service in the industry."

Also being the authorised distributors of Elitech, KERN, Tempmate, Tempnote, TFA. we can supply for all your product requirements.

We at AMIS are proud to offer you one-stop solutions for all of your calibration services and new tool requirements."

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Supply of CO system for building car park

Temperature in a warehouse should be maintained in the ambient condition as 15°C-25°C range. Warehouses are used to store various products such as Pharmaceuticals, Food items, blood cells, plants, seeds, etc. ....
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Testing Installation Commissioning & Certification of CO system

Cold rooms are designed to maintain a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C and mainly temperature sensitive goods are stored inside these rooms. In most cases ...
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Supply of LPG Gas Detection System

Any company use different types of vehicles for transporting goods, but the most important factor is ensuring safety of goods while transporting....
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Supply Installation Testing commissioning of LPG GAS detection system

For storing pharmaceutical products, food items or other temperature sensitive goods freezer refrigerator is a necessary storage item. It has different temperature....
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Testing Calibration and certification of ETHELYNE GAS SYSTEM(Ripping)

Humidity calibration is a necessity for keeping humidity-reading instruments operating reliably and within accuracy specifications for a reasonable length of time. Humidity is a major environmental fa...
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